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Rose wallpaper
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Wysłany: 2016-06-24, 02:27   Rose wallpaper

Roses are very romantic. In the Victorian era in England, including dictionaries on the meaning of flowers. For example, pink carnation means "I will never forget you". Rose is a symbol of love. But each bearing roses of different shades of love. Rose wallpaper significant for love.
If you given her a red rose, which means "love". But you have to save the lovely white roses for sad moments to speak freely with her. That means "a heart that never knew love". Sweet pink suitable to donate to a friend. Although not dramatic like the traditional red roses, pink velvet expressed her this is a subtle beauty. Energetic colors and intriguing This meant she was alluring.
Besides red roses, purple rose are a lot of people favored by the gentle beauty, fragility and suggests little sad but attract anyone to look at them. Besides the beauty that many people ecstatic, purple rose are love means of the faithful, about an eternal love.
Many years ago, in the hills of Crete - an island nation in Greece appear beautiful pink flowers this. Currently, the island people still find many purple roses painting in ancient tombs. To propagate this beautiful flower, it has been done in several different ways such as: planting seeds, extract / grafting, tissue culture propagation and other hybridization methods. Currently, there are purple roses of different categories. Among them are: Roses purple angel face, Della Reese purple roses, purple roses Ebb Tide, Tiger purple roses, purple roses Midnight Blue, .... Delicate violet hue that brings is a symbol of fidelity and everlasting love. In addition, this purple flowers also symbolize love at first sight or voice feelings begin to understand what love is. Love wallpaper for her in special occasions. However, purple rose save significant contains an anonymous love to own, possess, but in favor of an eternal love, purity and integrity. When combined with other rose, the color purple rose to symbolize something new and more unique. As a member of the family beautiful roses, purple rose are loved more by gentle beauty, pure and sad that it brings. Not only loved by the inner meaning of an eternal love, purple roses also make users more fascinated by different shades such as Purple coffee color, purple lavender titles, color varieties lilac, purple pomegranate and other organic colors.
With lofty significance of a faithful love, eternal, purple rose couples are choosing to use their wedding day era. You can see, it is coordinating purple rose with white flowers such as Callas, white roses, carnations, lilies, roses ... or green, yellow to create a balance Air for the wedding bouquet. But the purple color of roses contribute to add an elegant wedding. Purple wedding bouquet that symbolizes eternal love, everlasting time.
You want to show a pure love, pure? Combine purple rose with white tulips to express your mind. Two elegant flower design together will be incredibly meaningful gift you can give to the "special" lap minh.Neu combination of purple roses with flower snout wolf or white hydrangeas the wedding bouquet will add a unique and more impressive.
Not only represents faithful love couple, purple rose are meant to congratulate, celebrate. Therefore, a purple bouquet of roses is the most meaningful greeting that you dedicate to your loved ones special occasion without fanfare congratulations or words. You can also combine holding purple roses with freesia flower to create a bouquet and accents to make recipient happy with the flair and the message you want to give again.
In addition to the above sense, purple roses also offers something a little sad so it's appropriate for you to choose to express condolences, conveyed sympathy to the families with the funeral or the unfortunate. When this purple roses are use plug-in the form as a traditional wreath.
Instead the computer wallpaper hd to add more joy and inspiration every day offline.

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